Mr. Donavan's program is designed to promote self-esteem, confidence, social skills, strength, and agility whether on the field, at the park or in school. Hit, throw, kick, pass, dribble and shoot your way through the various sports. It’s the fun way to get moving!

group classes

Building Confidence & Self Esteem through Physical Development

Let your athlete's first experience be an exciting and fun learning adventure with Mr. Donavan. His concepts are based on fun movement, including physical coordination, motor development, and group activity promoting personal growth and empowerment


Mobile Athletics Concepts for Kids 

Enlist the services of Mr. Donavan to help make that Birthday Party for that special little one in your life! Mr. Donavan parties are great ways to keep your little one entertained. Remember, a birthday party is great, having Mr. Donavan there takes it up a notch to Awesomeness! He's mobile and available to come to where you are!

Birthday parties

Mr Donavan does private classes for both kids and adults!  Maybe you want to get in to shape, or are looking for a new workout routine, sports biomechanics, or proper stretching techniques to loosen up some stiff muscles or joints...Mr Donavan will take of you. 

Perhaps you want to get your kids and their friends active and off the iPads, Mr Donavan will get them outdoors, in the pool, in backyard, at the park having fun while building confidence and self esteem and not to mention give them some exercise!​

Mr Donavan's private classes for adults and kids can be one on one or private group classes.​

See what Mr Donavan can do for you!